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Hi Everyone,

Well I am a little behind. Ty and Em have come and gone at it was awesome! A few days in a French villa, sunny days, great food and the best part GRANDKIDS!! Ty participated in our MLC, told a story about “I”ve got a Hanker’in”  and it has caught fire throughout the mission. They even made up stickers!  Thanks, Ty! We also celebrated Dakota’s birthday and the kids made the prettiest funetti cake and brightest pink frosting ever!! It was so fun to celebrate with our Dakota Belle who turned 5!

Next, we were off to start zone conferences, so first stop Toulouse. Always great to be with the missionaries.  You will be happy to know, we are an online proselyting mission and using Facebook. So there are lots of new instructions and guidelines and excitement. And of course it’s football season and I had to share a football video (giggle).  All in all pretty successful conference. Hopefully, the next two will be as good. The missionaries always like the tri-conferences so they can see so many missionaries. Definitely a recharge!!

You will be happy to know I am still working on my Book of Mormon challenge. It’s been a little slow for me but I am getting better at reading French {mission blessings).  I also got a message from some our Sisters and they gave the” Sister Brown Book of Mormon Challenge” to a less active with concentrating on the names of Christ. He finished it in two weeks and they sent me a video message as he talks about what he learned and the blessing it was to know his Savior. I was so touched. Pretty cool for your old MOM! Maybe I am a missionary!  (giggle)

The missionary work has been going slow because it has been vacation time. The French do not do anything in July or August, except vacation (seriously). That even means they don’t answer their phones and make appointments with missionaries. Pretty crazy! So I think we have had some discouraged missionaries, but hopefully, now that September is finally here and Facebook ifs available things can start to pick up. I try my best to keep their spirits up and give them encouragement but hopefully, they will start seeing miracles again!  So keep our sweet missionaries in your prayers and the people in France and Switzerland, we need some extra help. Today we had an all mission-wide prayer at seven this morning and fasted specifically to help the Lord’s work progress!! We have a lot of hope and faith that things are about to change. So thanks in advance for your prayers and faith. We always need them.

So before I go, I need to let Londyn know how proud Grandma and Grandpa are for her choosing to be baptized yesterday. What a wonderful day and a beautiful girl. And then a little shout out to Lacie Raye who is 3 today, Happy Birthday baby girl we love you so much!

 And I think I might have a HANKER’IN to give President a big hug! (giggle)  He works so hard and is always doing his best. You should be so proud of him. Have a great week, and know how much we love you and miss you! You are our happy place!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci