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Hi Everyone,

I think President and I would count this in one of our top ten highlights of our mission.
We were able to attend Ghislaine baptism in Ajaccio this weekend.  It was really cool because the baptism was in the ocean and it was gorgeous. Our sweet Elders brought chairs, did a musical number, had a program and were the witnesses for the baptism. President got to baptize sweet Ghislaine and had to go pretty far out because the tide was low. So the lucky witnesses had to roll up their pants and get about knee deep to watch the baptism. Oh, they were so disappointed. (Giggle) The baptism was early and away from the beach crowd, but unfortunately, we were getting some attention and a lot of the sunbathers had to come take a peek.  Our three sweet Elders were being so careful when the girls would walk by they would sit in the back row and look at their feet!! So obedient!! But during the baptism, we were left alone. So proud of our Elders teaching this sweet Sister and having her so prepared for baptism. So President baptized her and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Definitely one of our Top Ten!!

So now we are back with missionaries leaving and coming. Always a lot of excitement and Everyone if the office working like crazy! So many flights, appointments, transporting everyone and keys don’t forget about the meals! (Giggle)

But after all that excitement we get visitors, first Sherri and Terri, and then Whitney, TJ, Kaden, Lacie, and our newest baby girl Shaylee! Can’t wait to meet her and cover her with kisses, and Kaden and Lacie I am getting kisses to you too!! So get ready lots of spoiling from Grandma Trace and Grandpa Scott!! And I know I will have tears, but these will be happy ones !!
So have a great week, happy travels, and I love you all so much!!!

I am excited!!!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci
P.S. Loved Hunter’s football highlights!  You are awesome!