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Hi Everyone.

What a week.  Celebrating Birthday and Anniversary.  Also, we went to Mission President’s Seminar.  Our special guest was Elder Holland and his sweet wife, Pat.  So grateful they could come for my birthday (giggle).   It was amazing to spend and be taught for two and half days by an apostle of the Lord.  I have always loved Elder Holland so much, and now I love him more.  He is such an inspiring and great teacher but also can relate and connect with everyone.  So many times I felt like he was just talking only to me.  He knew exactly the things that frustrate me, are hard for me and what makes me happy.  Do you think he has done this before? (giggle).  I learned so much and felt like he knew we were all trying to do our best. He just makes you feel good and so loved.  I don’t know how anyone could be around him and his wife and not accept the gospel.  Their kindness and love is so real and their testimonies and his witness of Christ is undeniable. How could you not want it?!

As for birthday surprises, I had so many!! Packages from home, cards, call’s, FaceTime and of course don’t forget the missionaries.  They dropped off cookies, notes, calls, sent texts, made videos singing, and decorated our home when we returned to Lyon.  I am still finding post-it’s everywhere.  But I also received something very special.  They made a video with all the missionaries excepting the “Souer Brown Challenge”  Every missionary did it.  They read the Book of Mormon and focused on the Savior. In the video, they all shared their favorite name of Christ in French and talked about how they became closer to the Savior.  It was awesome!! I was so touched.  I can’t believe they all did it.  Such a mission blessing for this Mission Mom!!  Our missionaries are the best!!

I guess you could say I was pretty spoiled for my Birthday and Anniversary.  Got to see Portugal, spent time with wonderful friends, Elder Holland and his sweet wife Pat came to my celebration, (giggle)  got to talk to my family, and then the missionaries spoiled me, and don’t forget, when I got on the plane and got a drink it was a “Real Diet Coke” (tender mercies) and of course then there is President, treating me like a queen, wanting to get me everything and of course, he had birthday cake and a diet coke with ice waiting in our hotel room, and yes I got roses!!  And they were beautiful!

Grandma Trace is definitely a Happy Birthday Girl, and loves Grandpa Scott so much!! Because of marrying President 37 years ago I got all of you!!!   And you are ours forever!!  Thanks for making my day and our day so special!!  We love you and miss you!!

Mom, Grandma Trace and Traci