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Hi Everyone,

Wow!  What a couple of weeks.  We had new missionaries arrive, veteran missionaries return home with honor. And our family from Utah visiting us in France.  First Presdient’s sister , Sherri (and Terry) were here so we took them up to Switzerland and showed them a lot of their family history.  Now Sherri is our family search expert for the family (giggle).  Then we all greeted Whitney, TJ, Kaden, Lacie, and Shaylee at the airport!  Tears of joy ran down my face as I hugged these sweet kids and held Shaylee for the first time.  She is tiny, precious and sweet and we are truly blessed. We enjoyed the next few days all together and then took all of them to Mission Leadership Conference and showed off our family to our missionaries.  We also showed off our wonderful missionaries to our family!  It was a great day, and the missionaries I think appreciate little American kids running and climbing up on Grandma and Grandpa laps.  No one was complaining especially Grandma!  (giggle)

Next, we took Whitney and Tj and kids off to see the coast in France, they also got to go to dinner with a newly baptized convert and some of our missionaries.  Their visit was truly a big lift for me and I think they loved seeing the missionary life!  We played games, saw sites, watched silkworms make silk, talked, cuddled, ate new foods, and of course, they brought me real diet coke and we sat and laughed all night.  The night before they left we had a movie night and ate popcorn and cuddled on the couch!  I think Shaylee stayed tiny until she saw us, (mission blessing) so now she can get big.  Kaden taught Grandma how to play chess,  Lacie and Grandma love dancing together. Best week ever!! Saying goodbye was rough, lots of tears and lots of love.  Oh, how I love our family!

Getting ready for zone conferences for the next two weeks, but first, we have to go to Paris for meetings and I am going to do a Costco run!!  I am so excited!  Stocking up on ziplock bags, vanilla, and they even have good tortilla chips, and I think I definitely need to have a Costco hot dog for lunch.  Life can be so sweet! And pretty sure I will find treats for the missionaries!!

Today is Friday the 13th!  But this is a special day because it is little Ali’s birthday. she is a big 3 and loves dinosaurs.  I might have to send a special surprise to her. (giggle)  Happy Birthday Ali we love you so much!! And Lexi good luck tonight with your play that starts tonight, we are so proud of you.  and I know it’s football season and I hear Hunter you are the man!!  Dakota and Griffin I saw you got some soccer trophies and our little Dakota you were the high scorer and Griffin most improved and I know Marshall was cheering for you!!!! Way to go!!  Londyn and Britt have started at a new school and I hear you are doing great! And Ro I hope you are making lots of new friends in your new neighborhood how lucky are you to be in a new house with your own room! All you Grand Kids are getting so big and grown up!  I love hearing about all your activities and happenings.  Keep me posted and I want to know what you are going to be for Halloween!!  So I better get some pictures!!

Thanks everyone for the surprises you sent with Whitney and Sherri, I have continued to get birthday presents in October!! My friends and family are way too good to me!!  I love everything and have had way too many See’s chocolates the last couple of weeks. (giggle).  thanks for all your prayers and love and support.  We need them all the time.

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci

Just to let you know I finished the Souer Brown Challenge!!  I read the Book of Mormon in French and marked all of the names of Christ with my red pencil.  I have to remember if I give missionaries a challenge I have to do it too.  This one was hard since my French is so good!  NOT!!  mission blessings!!