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Hi Everyone,

We attended our last Mission President Seminar, it was wonderful and so much fun. As I sit there in the meetings, I always wonder what I am doing in this room with these wonderful people.  But after attending seminars the last three years, these are just not wonderful people, they have become amazing friends who I admire and love so much.  They have been such a great blessing as we have served together,  cried together, shared experiences, eaten lots of ice cream, found more diet coke buddies, and giggled so much. I am so grateful to have been given the privilege to rub shoulders with such truly Christ-like people.  I have learned so much from all of them, and they are great examples to me.  I love these forever friends.

This week was our Mission Leadership Council conference, one of my favorites.  Dad has given missionaries a new challenge, are you ready, the month of May they are going to teach 1000 lessons with members to investigators. They are all excited about it and are ready to go.  We have done this before a long time ago.  And when members participate our baptisms double.  “Member Missionaries” really are so important for missionary work. It makes such a difference.

After our conference, we got some visitors from home, Nick Nadauld and Tj haws ( TJ says hi to Hunter), and  Adam Clark and their cute wives. When I saw them I couldn’t stop smiling!! I love these boys so much!  You know Nick trained Grandma and we have shared a few diet cokes on the road (giggle), TJ, I need to fatten up again but he is truly in basketball form, Adam never looked better.  I am pretty sure married life agrees with all of them.  Their cute wives were adorable and I felt like I have known them forever.  Mission Family is just growing and I love it!

So we have been at home this week with about a hundred workers.  They are painting, digging up the yard, planting the garden, opening the pool, repairing furniture, and moving furniture, I think they are getting ready to kick us out. And our shipping container arrived and everything is packed and gone and headed home.  All we have left are two suitcases of clothes for the next couple of months.  I think I will need a shopping trip when I get home. Get ready girls (giggle).

I believe this next week will be more of the same at the mission home, as we get ready for more stake conferences and our final zone conferences.   We need to get our missionaries ready for the new President and Wife and their family but saying goodbye will be hard. Most of them I will not see after conferences and that is sad.  These young people are so wonderful and such a beautiful gift that has been given to me and your Dad.  But it’s not really goodbye, it is more like see you later.

It has been so fun talking to all of you this week, as you are doing so many things for us at home.  Thank you so much! All of you have been so wonderful. You make my life so SWEET!!  I love you to the moon and back!! Have a great week and don’t work too hard for your MOM! (giggle)

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci