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Hi Everyone,

What a week!! Last weekend we were invited last minute to participate in the Paris Temple dedication. It was so exciting. First meeting we had was on Saturday with President Eyring, Elder Anderson, Bishop Cousse and all the Stake Presidents and their families. What a tender moment as President Eyring talked to all of us and each child. He was so kind and took such a special interest in everyone especially the children and youth participating in the celebration. Next we were rushed into a very tight elevator, and we became up, close and personal with Mitt Romney (giggle). Turns out he is President Eyring’s nephew. We were seated on the main floor with all the youth who were participating in the celebration. You could just feel so much excitement. When President Eyring opened the meeting and said “Let’s Party” in French, everyone went wild. Next, four Tour of France racers came in riding their bike’s on the bike track. It is very slanted and deep. Once they took off next came two missionaries on bikes chasing the cyclists. What a way to start, the crowd just kept cheering louder and louder, and when they finally caught up they went crazy!! So much fun! The whole night was wonderful, as youth all over France, Switzerland, and Belgium sang, danced and even played drums. Definitely, a night to remember.

Next day was the dedication. I couldn’t believe we were there. It was sunny, beautiful and lines of happy Saints were waiting to enter the house of the Lord. We were in the first session, and it was amazing. The choirs were beautiful, children helped with cementing the cornerstone on the temple, and the dedicatory prayer was wonderful. When President Eyring talked about the temple being light and bright, I felt like the sun shining through the windows exploded with brightness. The spirit inside and outside the temple was felt by everyone. Once our session was over we were rushed out to see so many people waiting to enter the temple. We were greeted by so many who we knew, we were shaking hands, lots of smiles and waves, hugging, and yes, we are in France so there is lots of kissing (giggle).  Everyone felt like family and it was an experience I will never forget. These people have waited so long to have a temple, and it is here. You can see the happiness shine in their faces and the spirit gaining so much strength in this land.  It is finally time and missionary work is catching fire. I love these people!

On Monday we had missionaries returning home with honor. It is always tough, but these were our very first missionaries who we met in the MTC.  They have been with us for almost two years. In this group, we even had two Chinese speaking Elders and one who is from China. His parents came to get him and they are not members. Definitely a sweet experience. I am happy to tell you this group of missionaries survived the Brown’s and were all amazing missionaries. I felt like a piece of my heart left that Monday night, but thank goodness, sixteen new missionaries arrived eager and happy to serve the next morning. Gotta love the Lord’s work it just keeps going and going. Missionary work never stops!

Our departing missionaries. So hard to say good-bye!
Our arriving missionaries.
Welcome dinner! They are here!
Paris Temple Dedication

I know summer is coming because we finally have had a couple of warm days. The yard is green, the pool is opened, and yes, President got to pet some goats! (giggle)  Summer is coming and Grandma Trace is smiling!!  Have fun with all your special activities at the end of school. I love hearing about your plays, dance recitals, swimming lessons, and soccer games. Brandon has opened the pool, so I think there is a pool day soon! Have fun!!

I love you all so much and of course, we miss the hugs and loves.  But we feel your love and support. couldn’t do this without all of you!!  Merci Beaucoup!! Oh, now I am speaking French! (giggle)

Mom, Grandma Traci, and Traci