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Hi Everyone,

First, our missionaries reached the challenge of having 1,000 members helping them teach new investigators with ten days to go.  They are going to smash it! It has energized the mission and they are all loving it,  I feel like when I go into Dad’s office he is always doing baptismal interviews!! Best Challenge Ever!  We are surprising the missionaries with an all mission video chat and having ice cream sundaes together during all their district meetings to celebrate. So you know who picked ice cream?  That would be Dad! ( love him).  We are definitely on our way to having 40 baptisms by the end of June!! The missionaries are on fire and so are the members.  This is going to happen!! Such a proud Mission Mom!

Well, we finished our last zone conferences before we return home to Utah. ( yes, I said to return home, I can’t believe we are down to five weeks). But it was a wonderful conference, all the presentations were great, assistants planned an awesome game, your Dad reminded them we are “Forever Disciples”, and I bore my testimony. We then sang our Mission Song, and I was okay for the first two verses, but by then the third, I was not able to get the words out, and the tears just started to come.  I even saw your Dad tear up!  It is bittersweet, and serving with these missionaries has been such an honor for me and your Dad.  It has brought us even closer, and I know it has strengthened our family in only ways a mission can. And our love for the missionaries and our family is so “BIG” that I think my heart should just explode. ( giggle)  It is so amazing to feel so much love from the Savior. Definitely one of my most favorite Mission Blessings!

So Grandma Trace is getting ready for our last Mission President P-Day at the Mission Home!!  It’s Memorial Day so we are going to have classic  American Barbecue, and as I was cleaning I found about five hundred water balloons and 40 squirt guns.  I think it is going to be Epic!!  Next P-day will then be with all of you, Best Day Ever!! Can you tell, I am a little excited (giggle)

So have a great Memorial weekend!  I know I am!

Miss you all so much!  Love you!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci