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Hi Everyone,

We are on the road again. Starting in Bordeaux all the way to Nice. Oh poor me! Just kidding this is a beautiful road trip.

So, the zone conferences begin. Walked into Bordeaux chapel tonight, they were starting on the lunch (smelled like breakfast), a little burnt and really smokey. I have to just giggle, they work so hard. I am sure it will be delicious! We shall see!
This last week we were in Frankfurt, hanging out with 33 mission presidents and their wives from Western Europe. They are all so amazing. I really wonder what I am doing in this crowd of leaders? ( giggle) I just hang on to President’s shirt tails and he pulls me along. They have become really good friends and it was so fun to have shopping buddies. Downtown Frankfurt was a blast.

We had Stake Conference in Toulouse and I did kind of a risky thing. During the priesthood meeting, the sisters and I ran to eat at Steak and Shake. There were five of us and even though the GPS says it was close, with traffic it always takes so much longer. Well, I gave myself enough time but on the way back it said to turn right, but there were three right turns? We picked one, and oh ya, it was wrong. Then we were stuck on the highway for about 20 minutes until there was a exit. Oh you gotta love France!!! So, I did the best I could trying to make it to the six o’ clock meeting, we arrived at the building with about two minutes to spare! Oh, but then there is parking or should I say no parking near the church. I ran in the building, sisters parked the car and I walked in right before the opening song. Then I got a text from President, ” How were the shakes?” Busted!! ( giggle) He really does love me!!

I am so grateful for our family. Grateful for all the support and loved poured out to Whitney and TJ for little Shaylee’s Blessing Day. When we face timed I was overwhelmed seeing so much family there. Thank you! I heard from friends what a good job TJ did with giving Shaylee’s blessing, and what an amazing family we have!! And I totally agree. Our family is the best and I love you all so much. You make it so much easier for me to serve. I knew Whitney had everything planned and ready and so many hands to help. No worries for this Mom!! What a sweet day!

The missionaries are happy and good. The Mission President is a little tired and has a few more gray hairs, but totally hot! (Giggle) The Mission Mom is missing all of you, gets frustrated driving in France and she loves the missionaries!!! Here we go, seeing all the missionaries and training them in zone conference. I think I will use a clip from the Princess Bride, President’sĀ favorite!!! I love you all.

Love ,
Mom, Grandma Trace, or Traci

Emily we hope you had a great birthday. So happy you are ours too!! We love you!!