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Hi Everyone,

Conferences are done, transfer calls are completed and food is bought and ready for week one for departing missionaries and new missionaries. I think I am finally getting the routine. This is the week I go to Carrefour (market) everyday stocking up. Not my favorite place. But, I must be a regular because the cashiers all seem to recognize me. (smile) Or the silly American. This week was more intense. We arrived home late Sunday night to discover the power was off in the house. I am very lucky to have five freezers and three fridges, but I came home to a runny mess and lost almost everything!!  Happy Mother’s Day! (giggle)

Conferences were exciting, because all the missionaries received their special recommend for the Paris Temple. As our french native missionaries came out of their interviews, they had tears in their eyes big smiles on their faces and most of the time they could not even speak. This was such a tender site to see the overwhelming love these sweet people have for a “The House of the Lord” to be in their country. They have waited so very long. The celebration is on Saturday and the dedication is on Sunday. Our missionaries get a temple day!!  Yahoo!  We also got some exciting news, we have been invited to Paris to participate in the dedication!  I think President is kind of like a kid waking up on Christmas morning, as he gets to participate at the dedication. We were pretty sure we would be participating here in Ecully, and we are still pinching ourselves to be going to Paris. I have heard many stories of wonderful experiences from members and non members who attended the open house. Lives are changing here and it has lifted the people in France.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!! I know I came home to a mess, but on Saturday I had a real american pedicure. Feet soaking in a tub, foot massage, pretty toes, it was heaven.  I received all kinds of notes, texts, videos, e-mails, surprises, flowers, special songs and more from all the missionaries.  And I got to talk to all of you!!!  Plus we talked to both of our Mom’s. A Perfect Mother’s Day!!

I better go pack!! I am going to Paris!! (ohh la la)…  I love all my Mothers Day notes from your little kids and presents. Thank so much!!

Mom., Grandma Trace, and Traci