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Hi Everyone,

Today is an extra special day.  Our daughter Whitney had a baby girl just before midnight Utah time, while we were having a sunny morning in France. She is tiny and beautiful and both of our girls are doing good.  I am so excited for this new little sweetness in our family. Thank goodness for FaceTime, phones, and texting so we could keep up with all that was happening during the night. Of course, I wanted to be there, but not this time. I am being a little bit of a WA! WA! (giggle).  But being a Grandma is the Best!! Congratulations Whitney, TJ, Kaden and Lacie! I know you two are going to be the best big brother and sister ever!!  Happy Day!

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to missionaries every six weeks, and this last Monday was not any different. But Tuesday morning we had flights, missing connections, overbooked planes, and we made three trips out to the airport ( long day).  Finally, after some missionaries being in airports for over 38 hours, they arrived hungry and very tired, we skipped dinner at the mission home gave them pizza put them to bed.  Next day they did all their legality and finally we had our welcoming dinner and relaxed, talked and got to know them.  they are all great and not even discouraged after all the craziness to get here.  I am guessing Satan really didn’t want them to make it.  But get ready France and Switzerland they are here and ready to rock it!!!

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week, making food and more food, alarms going off in missionaries apartments, missionaries on trains , missing trains, going to wrong places and going everywhere, some getting visa’s, others getting legality and x rays (kind of weird), having illness and every medical test comes back normal,and lots of places close because of course it’s vacation again. But missionaries still calling us with excitement in their voices because thy had a miracle today!   That’s being a missionary and they are happy and honored to do the Lord’s work.  Such great examples of pure goodness.

So yes, one of the best days ever, this new little baby girl is number “13″ for Grandma Trace and Grandpa Scott. We cannot wipe the smiles off our faces.  I have shed a few tears, okay maybe more than a few (giggle), and I had to blow her kisses, (Not so fun) but she is the newest member of our family, and we get her forever and ever!! I couldn’t do this If I didn’t know his Plan.  But still, sometimes I am a bit of a Wa! Wa!  I need to be stronger and have more faith like our missionaries.  But I do know Families are Forever and this is just a short time apart.  But some days it feels longer.  I need to work on that.

I love my family and so excited for our new little baby doll !! Wish I was there today!1 Miss you! Sending lots and lots of hugs and kisses and always prayers. Grateful for mission blessings.

Love you always,
Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci