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Waiting for interviews Switzerland

Ecully and Lyon zone conference

Hi Everyone,
Well, it has been a full week. Four zone conferences, two in Switzerland, one in Lyon, and a Senior Couple Missionary conference in Beacons, France. So fun to be with our missionaries, feel their energy and spend time with each of them. We start with the conference with training by the assistants, zone leaders and of course President. Then President does interviews. I chat with each missionary as they wait to meet with the President. I am like the warm up before their interview, so they are pretty chatty by the time they meet with him. I have a huge treat basket and we just sit and talk. One of my favorite assignments! We talk about everything…family, missionary work, needs, concerns, okay even girlfriends and boyfriends, and yes I had an Elder get a “Dear John” while we were talking (he is okay). It is just mission life! Sometimes I end up with a crowd outside where President is interviewing and we can get loud! We talk, giggle, laugh and have the best time. But, no complaints from President, so I don’t think he will send me home yet (Giggle).

You need to know that Grandma Trace ate snails! Well, really only half of one. They serve it in the shell (yuk!) and it is a slimy green color and it feels like rubber. Everyone says they are delicious! Don’t believe them!!! This happened at the Seniors Conference, they get a little wild and crazy. Our Senior missionaries are so much fun and do a great work here in the mission. They make everything run smoothly and pick up slack wherever they are needed. They are truly Super Hero’s. The missionaries love them and so do I.

Scrap Cake!! Birthday Surprise!!

France is a little crazy right now. First, it won’t stop raining. Biggest rainfall ever this last month. I am tired of gray skies, winter coats, and droopy hair. But summer should come soon. Also, on the first of June, there is a national strike on almost all transportation. No trains, metros, oil refineries, so hard to find gas, no taxi’s, some airlines, buses, ports, pretty much the whole country will be at a stand still. They are calling it Black Week, they don’t tell you everything so you get to be surprised. The Strike is scheduled to go through the 11th but could be indefinite. This will be fun! (giggle)
I kind of had a weak moment this weekend, not sure why? Maybe just tired or just missing all of you so much. But, someone brought me a box of See’s candies and my friend Rachel delivered another case of Diet Coke (the real thing). I survived and I am okay! Remember how easy it is to make your Mom happy!! Just the Simple things (smile).
I love hearing from all of you and seeing all the fun pics and videos. You constantly make me smile and laugh out loud. You all look wonderful and I miss you always! Sending all of you love, hugs, and kisses. You are always in my prayers!  Thanks for all your love and support! And remember, there are two people in France who love you to the moon and back!! Don’t ever forget!!!

Dinner in Switzerland with Elder Wade our assistant! He is the best!

Ecully and Lyon zone conference

Steak at L entrecôte ! Our great assistants !!

P day birthday party in Lyon for Dad

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci