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Hi Everyone,

Well I know I am trying to keep myself busy when I have made banana cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and snickerdoodles.  The missionaries have loved it, but my hips are showing I am loving it too. (giggle) .   Look what a brand new little baby girl can do to you. Shaylee is beautiful, adorable and yes this Grandma can’t wait to hold you.  I have been a little bit sad, but not trying to let anybody know or notice. Well, I must not be very good at it. Last Sunday are three assistants who are the best came over and sang “Because I have Been Given Much “.  They all have beautiful voices and I had been so strong all day. I lost it. The tears just ran down my face. I was a mess.  But at the same time those words in that song ring so true for me…  I have the best family ever and I love and miss them all so much. I also have the privilege of serving with 200 terrific missionaries and they remind me each day how loved I am.  So the tears need to stop. Time to put on the big girl panties!! My family loves me, my missionaries love me and my Scottie loves me!! And my Savior is counting on me to serve and be at my best and he loves me too!!! Yes, this girl has been given much and she knows it!!

So here I am in Marseilles and Nice this weekend. Such a rough life. (giggle). It’s beautiful and warm. That’s right, warm and sunny and by the beach. Our mission is the most beautiful. I do have to speak in Stake conference, and I smile, and say “Bonjour” and “ca va”. Plus lots of kissing on the cheeks (smile), for the next two days. The people are always so kind and gracious.  I know they must think sometimes “Who is this silly American lady?” and “Boy, she cannot speak french.”  but they put up with me anyway.  I am grateful to them.

So, grandma is behind the wheel for the next couple of days, doing all of the driving.  Elder Wade is with us this trip . He is easy to love and he keeps me in line. He has also mastered taking the skinny selfies on my phone so you might get some pictures.  I love how they watch out for their Mission Mom!! (giggle)

This next week we have lots of Birthday’s… Happy Birthday to our Kaden who is going to be 5!!  And I am anxious to see what your birthday cake will be this year for Travis. I am sure it will be just for you, princess! (inside joke). And President is having a big one this year  “60″. We will be celebrating it all week in zone conferences.  Lots of birthday songs for him!!

You are all doing so good. I love talking and seeing all your posts.  I miss those beautiful faces. You make me want to be better just like the missionaries do.  I know I am supposed to be here, and Grandma is going to do her best.

Mission Leadership Conference
Nice Zone Conference

Lots of Love and miss you so much!!
Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci