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Hi Everyone,

The zone conferences are over, and the Book of Mormon is inspiring our missionaries daily.  It truly is the word of God. The transfer calls have been made, and our departing missionaries will be here tomorrow for interviews, dinner, and testimonies.  It is such a sweet night, as you can see the growth of these wonderful missionaries, who have become so good and truly are amazing.  They are so ready to go back to home on to there next adventure and I hope it includes an ice cream date on week one! (giggle) They get nervous but I have confidence they are ready and the dating journey begins!

Today I was cleaning out my purse because it is full of stuff.  As I started pulling things out it had the normal stuff keys, wallet, pens, lipstick (a girl has gotta have it), mints. and now I have old baptism programs, pass-a-long cards, passport, and missionary badges (I am a Missionary).  But it surprised me when I pulled out fruit snacks (they are for Grandpa), candy wrappers, a pink ball, a glow stick and darts for nerf dart guns. I was cracking up, you would think I had a bunch of little kids, or grandkids with me all the time, but I am with Grandpa every day and a lot of missionaries who really are just a bunch of kids! (smile), It reminded me Traci is still here.  I really am the wild and crazy girl, who still likes to have some fun! (giggle) But being a missionary does change you, but in ways that make you grow, and do things you never thought you could do, it makes you better and teaches you to be the very best servant for the Lord and still be you. So if you were to take a peek into my purse, I am still “Grandma Trace”  with lots of silly things always in my purse, because that is who I am, but hopefully now I am a new and improved Grandma, and hopefully still FUN! (Giggle) . But definitely still a little silly (for Lexi).   This is a good thing!

March is here and it is a lot of birthdays coming up!  Happy Birthday Travis, and we wish you a great day, and I can’t wait to hear what princess cake you get this year (giggle). Next is Kaden who will be “6” and is getting so big, we know you will have an awesome party filled with fun, birthday cake ( have a piece for Grandma)  and family. And of course it’s your Dad’s Birthday, not sure what to do, we have a conference and he is speaking, but I guess I will have to think of something. (  but there definitely will be ice cream)  Happy birthday to all of these Boys!!

I almost have everything ready for this week. Besides missionaries leaving, and new missionaries arriving we get a visit from Dad’s brother Brett and his wife Brooke.  We are so excited to have them visit and show off our missionaries.  I can’t wait to see Brett get your Dad relaxed, laughing and not having to be serious all the time. And having lots of girl talk with Brooke is going to be awesome for me.  I think they will be good medicine for both us. Our Family is the best and we so love you all. We appreciate all the prayers and support, and most of all the love.

We love you all and miss you tons!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci