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Hi Everyone,

This week we had our last group of missionaries return home with honor, and new missionaries arrive.  The missionaries returning home were all Elders. So there were no dinner leftovers! (I love this)  This was a special group, they had high energy, strong testimonies, and were all good at baptizing.  It seems like where ever they served they sparked the city! One of the missionaries in his departing testimony referred to all missionaries being in the Hall of Fame of All-Stars.  These Elders definitely earned their place in the Hall of Fame of All-Stars.  I can’t wait to see where they go from here.  We even have one Elder who is off running, he proposed right after his release and gets married in a month!  This is even fast for me (giggle).  But when you know you know! We are going to miss them.

I am kind of excited to not have to do big grocery runs to Carrefour (ugh) for missionary dinners.  These were the last ones and now it’s just getting the mission and mission home ready for the new President.  I am mostly in charge of the Mission Home and Dad is taking care of the important stuff, that would be the mission. (giggle).  We have had painters for two months and they are still here, everything is ripped apart and dust is everywhere. We have also had, alarm guys, air condition guys, yard workers, furniture deliveries, and then the laundry room flooded with water.  I am not sure why everything takes so long here, but I hope I can get this house in shape before they arrive. I keep cleaning out cupboards and I think I better throw out the 80 dart guns and about 50 squirt guns. (giggle).  I don’ want the new president to think we only played on our mission. But we have had a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to having the Coutt’s come to visit us this next week. We are excited to show them Lyon and take a final mini-tour with them before we go. So that means, seeing ruins, old cathedrals, maybe a boat ride and don’t forget getting a french crepe on the street! I can smell them already, one of my most favorite things! And then they get to see our missionaries at our last Mission Leadership Conference, they are getting the real experience of Mission Life in France! I think this is going to be a hard day for me, saying goodbye to so many of our missionaries for the last time.

But that’s okay because in a few weeks I get to be with all of you!!  And I am just a little excited (giggle).  Thanks so much for all the preparations you are doing for us to return home.  I feel like you are doing everything and we just get to enjoy it!  My favorite part will be, spending time with all of you and sharing a fountain icy diet coke American Style ( giggle).

Have a great week! See You Soon!


Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci