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Hi Everyone,

Well, 24 stake conferences done, 12 more to go. I can do this!! Never thought I would be speaking in so many Conferences. And I don’t even speak french! Hope the people survive “Souer Brown” (giggle).

We returned late Sunday night from the Bordeaux Stake Conference and on Monday morning I woke up ran to my favorite, Carrefour (ugh), and got all the fixings for a real American Barbecue for Mission Presidents P Day!! I have a new Elder who is a master at the grill like Travis. It was amazing. Smelled good and tasted delicious. I need to ask President to change Elder Anderson’s assignment to master of the grill for the mission mom. I need to keep this Elder close to Lyon (giggle). The Sisters all brought desserts and they were yummy. Definitely future Mom’s in training. And of course I had to have a few surprises, baseball with wading pools for bases, then I pulled out dozens of squirt guns and about 500 water balloons. There was water everywhere. I don’t know how many times President got a bucket of water poured over him, but I saw at least three times. No one ended up in the pool thank goodness. Bu,t we were all soaked to the skin and all had huge smiles on our faces. It was an early 4th of July celebration and it was AWESOME!!! The assistants think we should pull out the water balloons for next zone conferences,  I don’t know if that’s allowed (smile).

We also just finished our last zone conference this transfer in Toulouse with three zones. President interviews for three days and we have a conference. And your Mom talks, bring treats, talks, plays a game, talks, cleans the church and did I say talk!! I am the warm up for the interview with the President. When we got to the church in Toulouse I pulled out my griddle and started making grilled cheese sandwiches, brought brownies and made country time lemonade (which you can’t find here, but I have my ways). So many missionaries travel all day to get to the interviews, so they are starving. But missionaries are always hungry (giggle).  So we made about 100 sandwiches and did I tell you it was over a 100 degrees that day and no air-conditioning in the kitchen? President was in the one room with air conditioning doing interviews. He actually got cold. And I was a sweaty mess! The conference was great and the best part is to be with the missionaries. They are all so good to us and they ” love Souer Brown” and they tell me all the time. It is a sweet life.

So here are some highlights from this last week. Good and Bad
!. I had to play flan slam with missionaries. It’s gross! But fun to watch!
2. Ran over my foot with a shopping cart and then dropped a 12 pack of soda on my foot. (ugh)
3. President needed to take a call late one night at the hotel, so I sat on the floor in the bathroom until he was done. (smile)
4. The mission van was broken into and they took almost all of the missionaries mail. (Not a good day)
5. We called new assistants, (surprise)
6. 101 investigators with a baptismal date
7. Four baptisms
8. A new senior couple arrived (blessing)
9. See miracles and blessings each day we serve.
And of course # 10 would be… I have the best mission companion ever and I love him very much!  And I get to do this with him!

Never thought I would be a missionary and never thought I would live in France. But, things change and your life takes new paths. So far this has been nothing like I have ever done before. President is really good at it, your Mom is still learning. And thank goodness for your President, when I am having that rough moment he takes me shopping or gets me a diet coke with ice!! I think in some ways President was made for this. Your Mom not so much, I  would be better if you were not so far away. That’s the hard part for me, and I am pretty sure President feels the same way. We miss you so much. We love you tons and you make us happy!!!  I am so grateful I have all of you. Greatest Blessing ever!! The gospel is true and that’s why we are here.

Mom, Grandma Trace and Traci

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Whitney and TJ, and Brandi and Travis!! I love our June brides!!