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Hi Everyone,
We are into our final days and is starting to feel real! Grandma Trace and Grandpa Scott are coming home! (Giggle). We have been doing all of our assignments for the last time, Mission Leadership Council, Stake Conferences (I am always nervous), CCM meeting, last trip to Carrefour (yippee!), final deep clean of Mission Home, and I have recruited a bunch of missionaries to help.  I am thinking I need to kick off the morning with a pancake fry. See kiddo’s I haven’t changed much!! (Giggle) But hopefully, we will have a little fun and get the home in tip-top shape!!

And as for homes’! Thanks, kids for all the hard work you have all done for us as we get ready to be in “Normal Life” again. I think every time I talk to you, you are all at the house working. We feel so blessed to have such special kids and feel so loved! Thanks for making this transition so easy!! Diet Cokes on me (giggle) and we get to do that together!!! Best Day Ever!!

It has been hard to say our final goodbye’s. The members have been so gracious and kind. They opened their hearts to this All American Lady and have loved me anyway. I know that we are truly all God’s Children and a Forever Family. And I can’t wait until we see each other again and carry on a conversation without google translate, and all my hand motions, and just understand the words! It will be amazing!! These sweet people have made an imprint on my heart and I love them so much!

Then saying goodbye to our missionaries was bitter-sweet. There were lots of hugs, tears, treats, surprises and of course giggles. They are so kind and loving to us. It has been an honor and privilege to serve with over 500 of the Lord’s finest. You know what President Brown always say “they only send the very best to the France Lyon Mission”. And that is how it has felt from day one. Their spirit and commitment to the Lord’s work are so inspiring, and it has definitely made me better. Mission Blessing!

So the next stop for us. HOME! Now just so you know I am not calling Dad “President” even if would make the transition easier (giggle). But I am pretty sure he will love being called “Grandpa Scott”, and hearing “Grandma Trace” will be music to my ears! Thanks for getting everything ready, we definitely owe all of you big time!!

Thanks to our family and friends for all the support, prayers, and love. I think it’s the only reason I could do this.  I wasn’t sure if I could make it for three years, but with all of you, and the Lord, and my Scottie cheering me on. I Did It!! I was a France Lyon Missionary, ” Soeur Brown” aka “Mission Mom”, and I loved it!  The best part was doing this with my favorite guy, my Scottie.  He was amazing, so dedicated, and did his best every day! We are so lucky he is ours forever! You should be so very proud of your Dad!! I am, I love my Scottie!!

See you soon! (For Real)
Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci

Our Homecoming is Sunday
July 15th, 11:00 a.m., Cottonwood Creek Stake 1535 East Creek Road, Sandy, Ut 84093
We would love to see you and thank you all!!