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Hi Everyone,

I am behind and need to catch you up. We have had two zone conferences and we are playing charades in wading pools (it is hot), another stake conference (one more to go), took a P- Day in Cassis (it was heaven) and we found a new beautiful sandy beach. After our P- Day we were off to Toulon which is near the Mediterranean Ocean and President baptized a man who had left the church and his family many years ago.  All of his family and even his x-wife attended. The great part of this story is his youngest daughter is one of our missionaries, and we surprised the family and brought her and her companion to the baptism. It was one of the sweetest baptisms I have been too. The father was so overwhelmed by all the support and love poured out to him. It has been a long struggle for him and his life was dark and filled with confusion. I don’t think he felt he would ever have this opportunity to come back and be a member of the church and have his blessings restored. But when President met him for the first time and he was at his lowest point and was ready to change his life. He took this father grabbed the Bishop and shoved them into the office and the process began. Eight months later he is baptized and confirmed, and this all started by a letter he received from his youngest daughter while serving a mission. This has happened so often in our mission. We have had so many family members of our own missionaries, getting baptized or reactivated and going to the temple. It is a beautiful blessing and so much hope.  There might be more news for our missionary, her Mom and Dad were all smiles at the baptism, I think there still is a little spark between them (giggle). Maybe more mission blessings for our sweet sister.

We are crazy busy, but I am feeling a little revived. I have a little sun kissed face, and we had some R&R.  The beach always makes me a happy girl! (giggle).  President just spoils me!  We have also had lots of visits from missionaries who have come back to visit with their families and new spouses (yahoo). It is so fun to catch up and see how they continue to grow. And I have even got some Diet Coke!! I love it (giggle).

Well, I know your Summer should be in full swing.  Jump in the pool, run through the sprinklers and eat lots of ice cream for Grandpa! I hope Britt who is now 6 had an awesome Birthday, and of course can’t forget our Zach, hope your day was great!! Wish we were there to celebrate!!

We sure do love you all and miss you all so much. You make our lives so happy and just perfect. Thanks for the prayers, support, and all your love. I love you more (giggle)!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci