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Hi Everyone,

Said good bye to 29 missionaries on Monday. They survived President and Sister Brown, so maybe we are starting to figure this mission thing out. Then we welcomed 22 new sleepy missionaries on Tuesday. And your Mom has the meal plan down!!! I can only cook for over 20 now, but I think I had that down before (giggle).  It was hard to say good bye to this group, they have been with us the whole time, and some of them you met at our farewell. So, I guess that means two years down one to go. I got this!

We have two new assistants and they are awesome. Elder Underwood is still with us and is leading the charge. Our missionaries have really had to step up. We lost a lot of our leadership and trainers so our young missionaries have new assignments. I think they might be a little overwhelmed but I can feel an excitement when I am around them. I am expecting great things! Missionaries come and go and the work just keeps moving forward. I guess you call that a Perfect Plan!! But, we all know that (giggle).

This week also has been some preparing for Mission Leadership Council. There are a lot of new leaders and they will be getting a lot of training while focusing on becoming more like the Savior. I am excited to see what happens. President just lets the spirit guide him and so do the assistants. It is amazing to watch. You never know what is going to happen and it can change directions, but always ends up being what the missionaries need. And then you have your Mom and who knows what will happen? (giggle)  But, I do know water balloons will be involved! Besides a few distractions (like water balloons), I know it will be exactly what we all need. Also, I am excited I am using the pencil parable hand out Michele Fitt made for us with a French Book of Mormon. As a mission we are going to read the Book of Mormon and highlight all the verses that use all the names referring to Jesus Christ. Our goal is to know him and become more like him. But, sorry your Mom can’t do that in French, I am not that good. Oh well, I will just do it my way! (giggle)

I have loved seeing all the summertime activities, splash pads, little ones swimming really good, grandbabies at my favorite beach and eating strips with cheese and sauce (so jealous), taking hikes, petting horses, paddling boats, and just enjoying family. In our family video that we show the new missionaries when they arrive, your Grandpa Honey says at the very end “ Family that’s what it’s all about”!  That is what the gospel is all about Forever Families. I have missed all of you for the last two years And now I have one more to go.  But, I can’t imagine what it would be like to not know you are stuck with Grandma Trace and Grandpa Scott forever!! I would be one very sad Grandma. We have a lot to look forward too and I can’t wait to be with kids, grandbabies, and all of our family. Will be together again and maybe even having a real diet coke with ice!! (giggle). See I am still the same!!

Have a great week, and a shout out to Grandma Choo Choo for her birthday today!! Happy Birthday Mom!  And then, of course, can’t forget our oldest Brandi who made us a Mom and Dad! You are such a blessing and one in a million. We love you have the best day!!  next year we will celebrate together!! (giggle)

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci