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Hi Everyone,

Well we did it! We finally went to Corsica! And it was beautiful and so fun. We have missionaries and a senior couple serving there. Our Senior Couple is from Bordeaux, but the husband is from Corsica. And they are different than the French. They are bold, do it their way and even have their own language “Corsican”. We rode around with our Senior couple and I have never been so scared in my life!! It’s wild and crazy and I think President was in constant prayer as we sat in the back seat (giggle). They also took us out to eat for a real Corsican meal, the food was all really good except for the special soup, it is fish soup and boy is it stinky. I am pretty sure I ate stinky feet soup, it was awful and of course, it is their favorite (yuk)  We were in Bastia with them and they have a branch and then we drove over to Ajaccio, they have just a unit not big enough for a branch. The missionaries baptize in the ocean and all Elders want to serve there. We loved it and Grandma especially loved Ajaccio. Maybe that’s because President was driving and I could open my eye (smile).  While we were in Ajaccio President continued to do missionary work contacting everyone. We met a wonderful lady who worked at the hotel who became very interested in why we were here. The missionaries called her and she went to church and they have an appointment with her tonight to teach. Our Elders in Ajaccio our pumped! Gotta love President he invites everyone!

We returned to Ecully and I had to run to the market (Carrefour) my favorite place (ugh). And I guess you could say I am starting to fit in. I have become more aggressive pushing my shopping cart, I am not afraid to reach in front of someone and grab what I need (very French), and now I am walking down the aisle and a Carrefour worker runs up to say hello and greeted me by kissing me on both of my cheeks, that is the French way but I was surprised!  Anthony really must like your Grandma (giggle). Next, I walked into a candy store and was greeted by Angelina the same way! Who says the French don’t like Americans (giggle). Then after all that kissing, we got to go to a baptism and yes that involves more kissing as every member greets you. You would love this Hunter (not really)! But besides all the kissing the baptism was great it was a girl named Lucy who is about 20 and her father and brothers came too. They had never been to the church and they couldn’t stop smiling. Then they even came to church for her confirmation and seemed to be loving the ward. Our missionaries might have a few more investigators. It was a special weekend for our Ecully Ward.

Next, we are on the road for two weeks doing our mission tour. It is vacation time in France and everyone is on the road because in July and August everything is closed. It is so weird. But we are ready to hit the busy highways and see all of our missionaries. They are doing great and it is always such a treat to be with them. I don’t know how President keeps going with all the interviews, but he seems to be loving it and they love him. I get the fun part where we just get to hang out and talk about everything. Sometimes it feels like my kids and they tell it all. But it is not quite the same because we don’t get to go for our late night Del Taco runs. Those were the days. Oh I miss that!

Well it was great to FaceTime and see the grandkids do some cool tricks in the pool. I love that you are enjoying summer and just having a good time. Have a great July 24th and do something fun!! I love you and miss you always!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci