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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! 2018 really is here! I think I am going to make it!  Wasn’t quite sure when we left in 2015 if 2018 would really happen.  It seemed so far away.  But look your Mom can really do this.(giggle)  Thanks to all of you and the Lord.  And by the way, I still need all those prayers (giggle).  Six months to go and I hope to do my best.

As I look back on 2017 here in France it has been wonderful.  Our missionaries worked and accepted all of your Dad’s challenges from bringing over 400 new investigators to church in six weeks, finding 1894 new investigators in November, being part of the Paris temple dedication and finding an ancestor, and getting 154 baptisms in 2018.   Our sweet missionaries have to walk and talk to everyone to find the one who is ready to accept the true gospel.  It takes a lot of work, courage, and love to keep on going.  But they do it every day!  They are the very best and this Mission Mom is so PROUD!!

Your Dad and I have had lots of highlights this year too!  First little Shaylee our newest and littlest grand baby arrived in March( proud grandma and grandpa), all of our children and grandchildren visited France this year, (best weeks ever), We visited Portugal and had Elder Holland teach us for two days ,and yes, he even sang Happy Birthday to me with all the Mission Presidents and wives ( pretty spoiled), we visited Corsica for the first time, had our first accident in our new car (seriously),your Mom read the Book of Mormon in French (truly a miracle),  Dad baptized four people this year and one even in the ocean in Corsica, President Johnson and his wife Jill did a mission tour with us and Brandi and Travis family, (Ali’s new BFF’s),  Christmas Conferences were amazing, filled with service, happiness and spiritual high’s ( and that was with Cars 3), we had zone conference and Dad had interviews all year long, (he is really good at this), missionaries returning home with honor and sharing testimonies and tears, and airport runs to greet our new “bleu” missionaries, (scared and happy faces) and of course attending the Paris Temple Dedication in May!  Your Dad has waited a long time to see a temple here in France.  I don’t think he ever imagined who would be here in person and participating at the Paris temple with President Eyring, Elder Anderson, and all the people in France who we love and care for so much.  Truly a Mission Miracle and Blessing!  So I would say 2017 was a pretty great year full of events and memories that we will have forever and they all include you, our family, friends, and of course our missionaries.

We look forward to 2018 and start with our two weeks of eight zone conferences tour on Monday.  So here we go!  More conferences, more interviews, and lots more giggles with our missionaries who we love so much.  We have gotten the word, there is a new president arriving in July to continue the work, they are Christophe and Isabelle Girard-Carrier.  We have talked to them and they are wonderful, excited and of course, overwhelmed.  that overwhelmed part I don’t think ever goes away (giggle).  They are originally from France and Switzerland but have been living in Provo for about the last ten years.  What a blessing for the French and Swiss members to have this wonderful family to return and serve the countries and people they love so much.  What a blessing for the France Lyon Mission!!

So they are stuck with me for a bit longer, six more stake conferences, still can’t speak French, hanging out with our missionaries, loving the members, and continue to do what the Lord needs me to do.  Maybe I will have it figured out by July (giggle).  Probably not but I will keep trying.  So get ready kids, Bring on 2018!  I got this!!

Sending love, hugs, and prayers,

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci