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Hi Everyone,

Are you freezing at home? It looks like it is so cold and snowy. All of our Utah missionaries are missing the snow. Today we actually got a little bit and it made everything white for a couple of hours, but I think that is it. It has been really cold but not much snow. And I don’t miss the shoveling (giggle). Hang in there Utah!!

Well, Ty and Em have returned home but of course, we had to have a little excitement. Once we got them to the train station, Ty had left his wallet at home. This was not good. Their train was leaving in 40 minutes. Just so you know it can take 40 minutes to an hour just to get home let alone back and forth. But off Dad went into the mission van. It was time to board and still no Dad, I went up with the kids they got on the train and sat waving at grandma. Next thing I know Dad comes running up the escalator with about three minutes before it’s to go and has the wallet!! Yes, he threw into Emily and all is well. Just so you know, Dad did go through the 50-kilometer tunnel at 120 kilometers, but we won’t tell anyone (giggle). And Pretty sure Dad is the only one who could have done it. Hey, does this bring back some memories kids? (giggle) Dad said this time as he was running my knees hurt, my hip hurt and I was out of breath, yes we are getting older ( hee, hee). But the good news is Ty got his wallet and they arrived safely home. And we miss them!

We had one of our favorite days this week! President P-day at the Mission Home. About 35 missionaries came and hang out, eat, play and write e-mails home. It was cold so we played a lot of games inside and I am not good at mafia, but Sister Lowder might be a little too good. She had everyone believing her. It was a really fun day, and I made so many grilled cheese sandwiches I quit counting. Reminded me of poolside days. We also had Sister Pelucchi and Elder Abney practice and sing the song “The Prayer” it was unbelievable. As I sat an listened I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. The Spirit was so powerful while they were singing. When they were done we all kind of just sat there in awww. It took a few seconds before anyone even clapped. Such a special memory. All the Elders also sang a song to Soeur Brown it wasn’t as spiritual but boy did it have a lot of love. I don’t know any place you could be and have a bunch of 18 years and 20-year-old boys serenading an old Mission Mom. I loved it!

Dad and the assistants are working on transfers and that means I usually start shopping and cooking, but we only have four missionaries leaving and two coming in. So I get kind of a break. So Whitney and Grandma and Grandpa Honey inspired me and I rolled by myself and made about 50 turkey taquitos for Dad and the assistants. I was in heaven and so were they, I can’t wipe the smile off your Dad’s face!! This is a good transfer week.

So here comes week one!! I am ready and willing to work. So let’s get busy. I know the routine and it’s getting easier. The missionaries are awesome and make us feel so good. I think they really do like us and want to be with us. Very Cool!!

It was so fun to have the family the last couple of weeks and we get Zach and Carly soon!! Yahoo!! I know Griffin’s Birthday is coming up. So Happy Birthday little guy and sweet Ro had his birthday right after Christmas!! They are both now a big 3-year-olds and we love them. I miss you all so much and think of you all the time. Some days I miss you so much my heart does ache a little okay maybe a lot (giggle). But then I start working and I find a note from Brandi and Whitney and the kids that says “You Can do This”. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened. They have hidden a lot of notes around this house and I needed one today and I found it in my pantry with the flour. So I keep getting Mission Blessings and so does our family. They seem small but oh they are so big to me!! I love my Savior and the Gospel. It is true and it makes my life so sweet!! Thanks to all of you for blessing my life always. Sending hugs, loves, and prayers.

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci