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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! We have started it off right. Ty and Em are here with the kids. So of course late last night we jumped on the trampoline with glow sticks! It has been so wonderful to hear little pitter-patter footsteps walking upstairs, toys everywhere, speaking Griffin language (he is two) and smiles, hugs, and kisses all day!! This Christmas season has been one of the sweetest. So grateful for our family, all the fun surprises and love and of course prayers. We missed being with all of you.

Well, your Mom hit her half way mark. I made it, wasn’t quite sure, and I think Dad still might keep me as his companion even though I am a bit of a wa wa sometimes. Thank goodness he is a patient and noble man. I don’t really deserve him.

You would be proud of me I ate raw salmon and duck, not by choice, we went out to an appointment with the assistants. It was a night of new food, great lesson, and lots of giggles. This sweet Sister did so much for us and is adorable. And she kisses me a lot!!! Ask Ty, he has met her. (giggle)

We are now off to Switzerland. Visiting some Elders and a little sightseeing with the kids. Four more days with all of them so we are squeezing everything in. The work goes on as Dad is always on the phone and meeting with missionaries. But the visit has been such a highlight!! Love my forever family and our missionaries! And yes still loving the beignets and so does Griffin! They are killing me but what a way to go. (giggle)


Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci