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Hi Everyone,

We are now in February and your Dad and the Assistants came up with a great idea for Mission Leadership Council. they have decided as a Mission we are going to give France a Heart Attack on Valentines Day Mission-wide so I guess Switzerland will get attacked too.  All missionaries will have appointments with recent converts and Amis all day, and do family search and find names to take to the temple by turning their hearts to their fathers.  They were all pretty excited and wanted to “Sparc” the mission with Valentine’s Day Brunch at MLC.  So they thought it would be very cool to make heart shaped pancakes and turn their hearts. And they said this would be so easy!  As I sat and listened to this wonderful plan, and watched them look online how to make heart shaped pancakes out of foil, my practical brain kept thinking they are crazy! (giggle).  I didn’t totally want to burst there bubble, so I kept trying to stay in the game and figure out how to make heart shaped pancakes and feed about 60+ missionaries at this conference.  Because you know this going to be easy! ( giggle)

The conference was so well planned, first missionaries had a workshop getting smartphones (scary) but super exciting. Then the Lepore’s the Stake President and his wife, also the family search expert in Europe did a presentation and taught our missionaries how to use family search so they can help their converts and investigators find family names.  Even your Mom got special attention, and who knows maybe I can do this! Then it was time for BRUNCH!!

Well, I am happy to say mission accomplished!  We didn’t have pancakes, and they didn’t do the turning, but we did have heart shape french toast about 400 pieces, and a wonderful brunch for about 60+ missionaries, and they were very Sparked!  Your Dad did help me cut all the bread with a cookie cutter in hearts because I think he realized this wasn’t going to be easy.  but it was successful and definitely worth it.  I think the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and district leaders loved it, and are ready to share it with all the missionaries.  February 14th is going to be the biggest “Heart Attack” this country has seen! (smile)

I know you haven’t had a lot of snow at home, but we have had snow for the last three days.  It really has never snowed since we have been here and it does not stick to the roads, but we are waking up to snowy mornings.  and yes it is COLD!  I want spring!  I am definitely a “Sunshine Girl”!

I am so proud of our missionaries, they are working really hard, fighting through a lot of sicknesses, and I think a lot of them are missing sunshine like me.  But they get up every day to share the gospel and invite people to come unto Christ and be baptized!  It is a beautiful work and I am so privileged to be a small part.  I hope I am contributing a little bit, but I do know we have the true gospel and families are forever! So grateful for the blessings I have and the mission blessings our family has and continues to receive. I am truly a lucky girl, I get to hang out with missionaries every day, make lots. and lots of food (giggle), be with Dad all day and night, (and he still loves me) and most of all I have all of you forever!!  I miss you all so much and love you to the moon and back!!  Don’t forget you are stuck with me!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  I would say you are the cutest” lovebirds” but Mom wouldn’t like that. (giggle) So I guess the happiest and the best couple I know!! Definitely true love.  Have a wonderful day!  Love You!