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HI Everyone,

We are off, and on the road again! And what a week it has been. Zone conferences have started and the first one was in Toulouse. On our way, Dad finally stopped at his favorite sculpture or artwork in the middle of nowhere and we took a picture. Just so you know I don’t know what is so great about it. In fact, it’s kind of weird (giggle) but hey, I love your Dad!  Tell me what you think?

Next interviews began, the first story I heard, one of our Sister’s was proposed to from a new investigator with a ring and everything and he only knew her one week, he has been passed to the Elders ( giggle) we might even have to have an emergency transfer!

For the conference, we focused on the making the stories in the Book of Mormon come to life. Some of our Elders made a giant life-size BofM  (very cool), missionaries shared creative ideas how to get excited about the scriptures, made videos with members, made skits and even cooked up chicken drumsticks to cut off arms in their skit (crazy). One of my favorites was Samuel the Lamanite song with the music from little mermaid under the Sea, the song they sang was hilarious and when Elder Gordon jumped up the railing on the stand singing. It was pretty memorable!  And he is a tall guy!

Then I had props in three bags, they had one minute to act out a story in the BofM, we had swords, armor helmet, bows and arrows, and of course dart guns (giggle). So much fun!  And then your Dad taught and read right out of the BofM and now the missionaries are reminded it’s ” Teancum Time”. It was great! Then your Dad caught all the missionaries off guard with a new saying  “SPDO” (speedo) when he said it they didn’t even know how to react. ( giggle) None of the missionaries are remembering the safeguards for technology so this is what he came up with…

S – Spirit (follow)
P – Purpose (missionary)
D – Disciplined
O – One ( be one with your companion)

Now I think they couldn’ t believe their ears, but guess what they all know it now, and hopefully, they won’t forget! One of the funny parts Europeans didn’t know what a speedo was, so I had a lot of explaining during interviews. ( giggle ). They didn’t know President was funny!

Now we are in Marseille and our hotel is right next door to the soccer stadium.  When we arrived last night it was wild and crazy, people drinking everywhere they call them “hooligans”  and I think the name fits. It was only a rugby game but I have never seen anything like it. People everywhere! Games in France is serious business ( giggle). But even with the wild night, we have prepared our stake conference talks for tonight in Marseille and Nice tomorrow, and the work goes on. Kind of amazing!

Well, it has been a jammed packed week but a lot of fun too.  I love being with the missionaries, they are my happy place in France. They make it all worth it. Missionaries are just the best!

I am so proud of your Dad as he leads the missionaries and how he is always there for them.  He is always in tune and makes time for me.  He is the greatest and I am the luckiest girl ever!

I love our family, and wishing our little Shaylee Kate Happy Birthday!  You are such a sweetie and our favorite One Year Old! Grandkids are one of my favorite things and I am such a happy Grandma because of all of you!  Next year Shaylee I will be there when you turn “2” and we will celebrate big!!

Thanks for all of your prayers, support, and love, we are running fast and my legs aren’t keeping up but I know with the Lord’s help I can do this!  Who knew your Mom could be a missionary (giggle).

Miss you and love you!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci