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Hi Everyone, well this week my heart has been so full. There have been tears in my eyes many times, as we have been waiting for the news of a sweet mother of one of our Elder’s getting closer to the veil each day.

Today we received the sad news his mother had passed and has returned to her Heavenly Father. As we talked to this dear son, his voice was full of strength and peace. As we have served here since July 2015 this sweet mother has been so supportive to her son but also to the France Lyon Mission. While she has fought her battle, she has organized Christmas stockings and presents for missionaries who would have none. She constantly is looking forward to see where she could help. She has been such a blessing and great example to us. Many thanks to our Secret Santa, she has given so much joy to so many missionaries.

Thank you Jan! Elder Golightly is an amazing missionary, with talent, strength and love, (and his french is awesome). He is so admired by all in the mission and seems to be giving all of us comfort. I know it should be the other way, but our Elder Golightly is a strong, brave and a powerful giant. He understands the plan and when you are with him you feel his peace. I know his sweet Mom “Jan” is so very proud of him. My heart aches for him and his family. It’s never easy and she will be so missed, but we know Families are Forever, and they will be all together again. When I grow up I want to be like our Elder Golightly, he know God’s plan and testifies of Christ everyday. His testimony is strong and large and he is blessing the people in France and Switzerland. And he is doing it with 179 missionaries who want to serve the Lord and teach the truth.

I am so grateful for full time missionaries who are courageous and bold. They can do hard things! I know we have the true and pure gospel! And when times get hard, and they will, we are not alone. We have family, each other , and our Savior. His plan is real , and we will have eternal happiness forever. I am counting on that!! I love my Savior , and so thankful for his sacrifice for me. We are children of God, and he wants us home again with him. And as President would say “No Empty Chairs”” Together Forever.

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci