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Hi Everyone,

On the road for one more week. And yes, you would be so proud, I am doing all of the driving. Loving our new Ford Galaxy, it’s basically a minivan but it feels goooood, and it has drink holders. Life is good. (giggle). I have had a couple of close calls with a two eighteen wheelers but I prevailed. (Barely) Gotta love the French drivers!

Conferences have been great. But they don’t turn the heat on and the chapels are so cold. (ugh) Lucky for us there are missionaries full of enthusiasm and energy and help heat up the room, they are great to be with and they make me laugh so hard. They make this Mission Mom happy and always have my diet coke for me at lunch. What can I say we only have the best!!

I have kind of been on the Lasagna lunch diet, and it’s not working very good. Our first three zone conferences, they made us Lasagna for lunch. One from our Senior Sister, a Texan, and Our Italian Missionary guess who was the best? Not going to tell you, but they were all delicious.

So this week is Valentine’s Day. I know all my grandkids in school are making their Valentine’s box and I am sure having a class party. Oh, I remember those days and I would be exhausted. So hang in there, girls!! Someday you will miss it. So Happy Valentine’s Day, we will be spending our day with about 30 missionaries, and hopefully not having Lasagna (giggle) your dad would love it Lasagna is his favorite. I love all my little Valentine’s and hope you have such a fun day!! I get to hang out with My Valentine all day. It will be awesome. He is the best and I love him so much!!

Thank you for all your support and prayers and love. Miss you always.

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci