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Hi Everyone,

I know I am behind, but I have been in Heaven with Brandi, Travis, Lexi, Hunter, and Ali.  They have been here and been doing it all. We have been to the Sea, on a boat, saw crocodiles, had a turkey Thanksgiving feast, medieval city, the planetarium, silkworm field trip, shopping, eating lots of patisseries, Zone Conferences, Stake Conferences, and of course a General Authority visit.  It was crazy busy, lots of work, lots of driving and so much fun!!  Family is the best! And I am pretty sure Brandi, Travis, and kids know what mission life is like, they have seen it all.  Even sleepovers with a General Authority!  Who now are Ali’s BFF! (giggle)

We also got a little Christmas present from all of our kids and grandkids.  It is the most special gift ever!  We now have pictures of all the children dressed up and portraying the nativity, we even have a real baby Jesus (Shaylee).  The pictures of each grandchild were made into an ornament and decorate our tree. These 13 ornaments are my favorite (giggle)  Now you know I have the cutest grandkids ever, but the pictures of these sweet faces light up our home and make me really homesick.  Just kidding! ( okay, kind of)  It makes me so truly happy you are all of ours! Love my Family!!  Thanks to all of you for the best Christmas present ever!

We are now off doing Christmas Conferences, we had one last week with three zones and it was amazing.  We had Breakfast with Santa, great fun musical performances, service project (Light the World), pizza, milk and cookies, a movie (they loved it), more Christmas musical numbers (so much talent) departing missionaries testimonies, and Dad making Cars 3 a spiritual experience and related it to being a missionary.  It was amazing to watch your Dad teach and all the missionaries participate and talk about what they learned from watching this movie.  The missionaries just kept raising there hands and sharing their thoughts.  Even our quiet missionaries.  Maybe we should show a Disney movie every zone conference (giggle). Next, we handed out packages and gifts and it was the typical crazy Christmas morning!  Just like home! Our missionaries were happy, excited to go to work, and it definitely felt like Christmas!  Pretty sure it was a success, hope we can do it again Monday with five more zones.  Keep your finger crossed. (smile).

The Missionary Santa got everyone taken care of on his list!  We were so blessed to have so many parents and senior couples helping out and being so generous.   Every Missionary is having Christmas!  Thank you so much!!

Well, I have some last minute wrapping I need to get done for Santa so I better get busy.  The last few visits from kids have definitely kept this Grandma going!  I love that you love the missionaries, and want to be with them too.  They are the best part of being a missionary for your MOM.  They like to talk, hang out, and laugh.  It makes me feel like I am with you.  I love being your Mom and Grandma! Miss you always and love you to the moon and back!! Thanks for the Christmas gift we love it!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci