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Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas!!  We got snow and Dad made a snow sculpture of the nativity, cookies are made, presents wrapped and now Christmas can come.  It hasn’t started and I am already tired (ugh).   We are having a Christmas breakfast with missionaries in Ecully.  So that means lots of chocolate chip pancakes, hot chocolate, laughing and craziness and that means fun!  It will be a house full just the way I like it (giggle).  And just maybe Santa might have dropped off a few surprises! but only if you believe (smile).  And then we will talk to all of you!!  It is going to be a great day!

We said goodbye to 16 missionaries and they are all amazing and we will truly miss them. And then the next morning we got 14 new missionaries.  They are pretty terrific and were really easy to get close too.  During the conference, we always show the family video. When I first got here I always made sure I showed the video after I spoke so I would be able to talk.  Then it’s your Dad’s turn.  Of course, our family has a few more people, and the kids are older but everyone loves watching it.  But this week I looked at your Dad and he had tears and could hardly talk.  It caught him totally off guard, but you need to know he is missing you!!  He also makes a big sigh when he see’s his big king ranch truck in the video, but he is a good sport about cruising around France in our minivan! (giggle). I think we are really missing all of you this Christmas!!

Today we did some of our last few Christmas errands, we went to Carrefour (crazy busy), went to the car wash, (even busier), coca cola light run (giggle), and then to get patisseries.(Yum) Just so you know at Christmas time the patisseries are beautiful and delicious, I usually try not to eat them, but since this is our last Christmas I did break down and let’s just say our fridge is full (giggle). You would all love it. We even delivered Christmas cookies to our neighbors.  Not sure if they will like them, definitely not as pretty as their patisseries,  but we have been invited over to dinner at our neighbors in February.  Pretty cool! I think we can call that a Mission Miracle!

Our Missionaries are working so hard, and the members have really reached out to share Christmas.  They have been out caroling, ward parties, special Christmas dinners, secret Santa’s, and I have even seen some hula dancing.  but they have really put the “Light the World” into action and have loved every minute of it.  it has been so exciting to watch the happiness spread around our mission as they sweet missionaries serve others each day.  There have been many miracles and 11 baptisms last week!  Mission blessings!

You know how much Grandma Trace loves Christmas.  But what I love most is celebrating the birth of our Savior. I am so grateful he would be born and came to save us all.  A child was born in Bethlehem and they call him Jesus! Merry Christmas!!   We love you all and are definitely missing you this Christmas!!  Have such a special day and feel our love and hugs!!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci

P.S.  Little shout out to our December Birthdays!  Happy Birthday to Carly, hope your day is wonderful. And then to our little Ro, celebrate Big!!  We love you and have a fun day!!