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Hi Everyone,

We just finished our two-week mission tour. President interviewed 180 missionaries, I cleaned 8 churches, the missionaries we so ready for conferences and yes, there were water balloons! And I got wet! (Giggle) But so much fun!!  President is an amazing teacher and the missionaries look so forward to their interviews. Pretty much every Sister comes out crying (not sure why), but they all love him so much. On these weeks I don’t know how he stays so focused and he is there for each one of them. I guess you just know it’s the Lord’s work and he just carries us (All the time). It is amazing to watch.

This Saturday we had a young 9-year-old boy get baptized in Ecully. His name is Timeo and he was so excited. You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. But when he got to the font the water made him so nervous. He is afraid of water and this was really scary. But he just took Elder Underwoods hand and was baptized. When he came up there was a loud gasp! But he did it!! The meeting was so cool the Primary children did all the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. It was simple, full of the spirit and perfect. And of course, the primary sang.  I love the faith and goodness of children. They remind me of what I need to be.

It has been beautiful here. When we started the tour there were lilac fields and sunflower fields in bloom everywhere, I love watching the sunflowers in the morning they are facing the sun and when we leave the conference they have turned the other direction towards the sun. I think sometimes I work like a sunflower.  I love the sunshine and love facing it. It just makes me feel better all over. Today I have been missing you, so Grandma Trace had to go out and sit in the sun. And guess what?  I am feeling a little bit happier!! Mission Blessings! But I always miss you! (giggle)

I am so excited about Londyn having her Birthday this week and turning 8! This is an exciting Birthday to celebrate and we hope you had a wonderful day! We are so proud of the beautiful girl you are inside and out.  We love you so much and wishing you a great year!!

So kiddos, go play, swim and love the sunshine! Grandma Trace’s favorite time of year. You make being on a mission so much easier because I know I have all of you!!  I love you all!!

Mom, Grandma Trace , and Traci