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Hi Everyone,

New transfer has started, meals are done new missionaries are on their way to new assignments, and Grandma Trace is exhausted. Sometimes I think I am too old for this (giggle).  President is energizer bunny, he just keeps interviewing and interviewing and goes and goes. This truly is the Lord’s work because there is no way we could do it on our own. But I did get a little surprise, one of the new Elder’s heard I loved diet coke and he brought me one. He might be my favorite (Just kidding), they are all my favorites. But I do love the real thing!! (smile)

While President was interviewing Sunday night some of the Sisters stopped by the house to see me. They came by to help me cook but I had just finished. I could tell they were a little down when I saw one of them with tears in her eyes. So we got a Diet Coke with ice, sat in lounge chairs by the pool and just hung out and talked.  It felt like home! I don’t know if I helped them at all but it definitely recharged me. I love these sweet missionaries who are so willing to serve. I know it can be discouraging for them but they always seem to pick themselves up and get back to doing the Lord’s work. So proud of all of them. I have learned being out here you can do hard things, do the work and be happy (most of the time). These cute sisters helped me so much with the dinners this week and we had so much fun doing it.  On Monday morning we ran to McDonalds and had an egg mcmuffin (definitely a treat) and then we were walking by a photo booth and we hopped in and took some silly pictures. We were laughing so hard and then an old man asked what were doing. You gotta have some fun (giggle).

We are pretty excited to get some visitors from home this week. Ty and Em are almost on their way with our little kiddos. We are ready to snuggle, play and have a party. And Grandma and Grandpa might have a few surprises too!! We are like little kids waiting for Christmas morning!! And today is Hunter’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Hunter Bug!! We think you are awesome and so proud of you! We just Face timed with him and he is growing up (darn). I am afraid you might be taller than me when we get home, but you better be ready, Grandma Trace will be at your party next year with lots of hugs and loves. You better never be too old to get loves from me! (giggle)  So Happy Birthday Hunter!

I am off to the store to pick up some surprises for our visitors. The only problem is, it’s vacation time and most of the country is closed . It is crazy. Even the boulangeries are closed. We are going to have to hunt hard for patisseries. French people take 4 to 5 weeks of vacation in the summertime, put up brown paper in the windows and a note when they will be back. I have never seen any thing like it. But they should all be well rested by September! (smile) I am pretty sure this lifestyle would never work in the USA. They must think we are crazy!

I love my family!! You all make me so happy all the time. Week one on a transfer I get to watch the family video with the new missionaries and I still get homesick when I watch it. I am what you would call a WA WA Mission Mom (giggle). Hopefully, I have gotten better, but I miss you and love you tons!! I am ready to play with kids and grandkids this weekend and feel like Grandma Trace!!

Mom, Grandma Trace , and Traci