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Hi Everyone,

Easter Sunday was beautiful. I love remembering our Savior and being so grateful for all he has done me. Loved seeing all the Easter pictures of our all of our family all dressed up for the day.  They were definitely looking very fine and so adorable. I loved the text Brandi sent about Ali.  As Ali was leaving nursery she ran out yelling to her Mom with excitement in her voice “Jesus is Alive”.  I don’t think I can say it any better than that!  Thanks to little ones who’s faith and belief is always the truth!! Be like a small child!

This week started with Mission Leadership Council. Great conference about 60 missionaries. Of course focus was on the temple dedication which happens in Paris May 21. They will all participate in chapels scattered everywhere in France as an extension of the temple. Even though we don’t have a temple in our mission, we get one temple day this year!! Pretty exciting for all of us. The Missionaries also learned about Family Search from our expert President Lepore. He is over family search for the church in Europe.  They will all be able to find a name and have there new converts and members help find names of ancestors who need temple work done. It seems pretty simple, but it was all in French so maybe I wasn’t quite getting it (giggle). But you better look out Mom, I might finally know how to look up our family names!!  I think we have a lot of work to do. President and the assistants talk about Christ, temples and eternal families. They always do such a great job and the missionaries love it. Of course they leave the game to me. This time it was a little smelly with stinky shoes and smelly feet (smile).  I guess you could call it finding Cinderella’s glass slipper. I am sure you are wondering how I worked that all in with the presentations, but sometimes I can be a little clever (giggle). We will have to talk later!!

The Easter decorations are down, they are mowing the lawn and the people are all walking around in big coats and scarves. It is a little cold, but does feel like spring. But, these little french people are always cold and this Grandma from the USA is kind of sticking out walking around in flip flops. I am just doing it my way!! (giggle)

President is ready to get lunch and take a break from all the workers at the house. He needs some privacy, so we are off to McDonalds (smile). That works for me… a fountain diet coke!!  (happy girl)

Have a great week, be happy and know how much I love You!!!

Happy Birthday this week to my Dad, also known as “Grandpa Honey”.  He is the best and I am his little girl and definitely the favorite!!  ( sorry boys).  He is such a great example of goodness, strength and wisdom.  He can do everything… from surfing, skiing, homework, painting, fix anything and has the best laugh ever!!  I love you Dad have a great day!!

Mom. Grandma Trace, and Traci