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Hi Everyone,

It has been busy finishing our eight zone conferences, getting new missionaries in a week early, and saying goodbye to 8 missionaries on Monday and we leave for Frankfurt Germany Tuesday morning for the Mission President Seminar ( last one).  We are heading into our last full transfer and the last zone conferences we will have with our missionaries.  I am actually really going to make it.  Who would ever believe I could do this (giggle).

I definitely have had a few mistakes, like last zone conference was one of the biggest.  I was talking too fast and I mixed up my words shoot and hit, and you guessed it, a bad word came out of my mouth (giggle).  When it happened I thought, oh no, I just said a swear word and they all heard it, what should I do? Ignore it? Or just admit it and ask for forgiveness.  You will be happy to know they forgave your Mom!  And they were laughing hysterically!  This is a pretty memorable moment.  The missionaries probably have no idea what I was teaching, but I know they will never forget their Mission Mom Swore in Zone Conference  (but not on purpose).  I was pretty embarrassed!! One of the funniest moments ever!

As you know I am officially the Mission Nurse again.  I miss Nurse Kemp!  She was truly my tender personal blessing during our service. I can’t wait for you to meet her.  She is small in stature but mighty in strength.  And I am just going to say it, she is Super Cool! You are going to love her.  She is such example of courage to come alone serve for 2 years and 8 months as our nurse.   The missionaries were in very good hands.  Now they have me.  It is all coming back to me, but unfortunately, two Advil and diet coke do not cure everything (giggle).  But so far everyone has survived.  I think I need special prayers. (really)

Your Dad has sparked the Missionaries with teaching from the Book of Mormon and it is working.  Every week we are having about 3 to 4 baptisms. Now I know that may not sound great for some countries, but for the French who can be a little stubborn, this is Awesome.  The Book of Mormon is touching the French in France and Switzerland and it is amazing to see the change in these new Amis”s (Investigators).  I love this word Amis’s because in French it means friends.  I think that is what we should always call investigators, “ Friends”.  Because that is who they are, our new Friends!

We finally had a warm day and I was loving it, and so were the missionaries.  In one week the not so green fields are covered in bright yellow and bright green colors.  It is beautiful.  Spring is really here and my allergies are in full force.  First I didn’t know I had allergies, but I do, and I sneeze constantly.  Or maybe I am just allergic to France. (just kidding), I am not the only one suffering, so many missionaries are struggling with itchy eyes, and runny noses.  But it won’t last forever and the nice days are back. And I am so excited!!

Just wanted to let you know I tried a new pastry today at our Bleu’s Conference and it might be my new favorite.  It was a flakey beautiful croissant filled with a raspberry filling. (yummy)  It was definitely a bit of heaven. And our new missionaries were loving it too.  I know they are going to love their mission.  So excited to have new “Bleu Fire” in the mission.  They bring such an energy and excitement to the mission and we love them instantly. They are great kids! And they are ready for this Mission Life and to serve.  How I love these young people who are ready to sacrifice and serve the Lord.  Such a wonderful example’s to me and the world!  I love the Missionaries.

Well, My phone is starting to beep.  It’s that time of night, Nurse Brown is on duty. So here we go.  Thanks for all you do for us.  We feel your prayers and love constantly.  It keeps me going and your Dad. We are so grateful for all the responsibilities you are handling for us at home.  there is so much going on and you just help us unconditionally.  How did we get all of you?  Luckiest Mom and Dad Ever!! We Love you so Much!

Have a great week, don’t work too hard, and have a little fun!

Mom, Grandma Trace, and Traci

Happy Birthday to our Whitney!  She is just an angel and has since the day she was born!  I am so thankful I get to be your Mom!!  You will always be our angel girl!!  Love you!!
Also can’t forget Grandpa Honey!!  Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for being the best Dad ever!  I love being your little girl forever!  And I am the favorite (giggle).  Sorry boys! Love You!