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Hi Everyone,

My heart is heavy today this April 11, this day four years ago our sweet little Tate returned to Heavenly Father. Tonight was dinner and testimony meeting for our departing missionaries and I shared how deep my heart hurt the day Tate left this world, but in the same breath I explained the joy and happiness this little person brought to our family and how he touched all of us with his bright light of hope and love.  Even though saying good bye today is so hard, they needed to know in the short amount of time these sweet missionaries served in the France Lyon Mission, they too have shared something so pure and good and gave the people here such great hope and light just like our little Tate!  I am reminded often by my family and these wonderful missionaries, I need to try harder, be happier and do all I can to share my joy and light. I also think, it’s important to have a little fun!! So, of course the Mission Mom gave them the “ice cream date challenge”!! (giggle)  This would be a Sister Brown challenge!!

It has been a cool transfer. The mission had a challenge from President Brown to have 2,017 less active members,recent converts, or investigators attend sacrament meeting  on time and participate in the sacrament.  The challenge was accepted by all missionaries and they went to work.  Now we really only had five Sunday’s because one week was general conference, and if a less active member comes for three weeks they are not less active anymore. We like this problem! (smile)  Well, with one Sunday left, they needed over 500 people to attend church. Of course they crushed it! The total of less actives and investigators was 2,108 and we had 13 baptism this week, which means for the last six weeks we had 30 Baptisms!!! This is very cool. I am so proud of our missionaries! Now how do we keep the momentum going the next six weeks? Paris temple dedication should help!

Today the new missionaries arrived and I must be getting better at this because it’s getting easier. Everyone arrived safely. Parents have been notified, went over a few basic instructions, tummy’s are full and now they are in bed catching up on sleep. Conference tomorrow , little more food to make and hopefully we can keep them awake. They are excited to be here. They sit at the dinner table talking french and I don’t have a clue what’s going on. (giggle) What are you going to do with this Mission Mom? Maybe someday I will get it!!

Our Assistant Elder Wade also went home this transfer. I know some of you kids have met him. He loves to tease your Grandma, and makes me giggle a lot. He has been here in Ecully with us for the last nine months and has been a great assistant. We are going to miss him.  Now Hunter, he is our Mr. Basketball that will play for Gonzaga, so you are going to have to be a little flexible and cheer for the Bulldogs once in awhile. It might be kind of hard for you but I think you can do it!!  Grandma can do hard things and so can you. (smile)  I am counting on you.

The dishes are done, my feet are swollen and my back is a little achy (ugh), but no worries!! My friend Rachel brought over “American Diet Coke”  yes, that’s right and I think I am going to make it dirty, with a little coconut syrup and fresh lime.  I should be as good as new tomorrow!! Thank goodness for true friends!!

Goodnight everyone, I love you all. Oh I almost forgot it is our Angel girl, Whitney Raye’s Birthday on the 15th. Happy Birthday sweetie, wish I could be there, but you already know that. You are truly special and so thankful you are my little girl forever and always!  So grateful for all of you and everyone celebrate big with Whitney!!

Love our family, love our Tate!  Families are Forever!!

Mom, Grandma Trace and Traci