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Hi Everyone,

Sorry, it’s been a while. We had Brett and Brooke, we played, ate too much French food including snails, octopus, goose liver ( Brooke and I could have passed on this, ) (Giggle), we talked, laughed, and had a major road trip.  Dad even had them share their testimonies in a conference, and of course, they were amazing and the missionaries loved them. Definitely a Fun Week!

Then we started on another road trip for our 8 zone conferences. ( this is the last 8 zone tour for us). The first four conferences have been great, the missionaries are doing so well.  The Book of Mormon has come to life not only for the investigators but for the missionaries. Thanks to you kids for sharing what Book of Mormon hero reminds you of Dad.  Your letters have been perfect and they have been so much fun to share with our missionaries.  They make me laugh and cry, and your Dad has been so truly touched, it made his birthday! I think as people we forget how much influence for good we can have on others just by our own example.  Because of this activity, you have helped us bring the Book of Mormon alive inside our missionaries. Thank You!

When i saw the pictures of all of you at the airport greeting Ty and Em and “Baby Zeke” I cried.  I wanted to be there of course, but I cried to because I am so grateful for our wonderful family.  I loved the big, bright ,crazy posters, all the pictures and how every cousin was grabbing his little feet. And of course all the big smiles on everyone’s face.  I don’t know if Zeke was smiling, but I am pretty sure he was thinking who is this crazy bunch, and they really seem to like me (giggle). Then there was Emily’s face when she saw her kids broke my heart as she was carrying Zeke and running to hug her children, what a moment as this family was all brought together for the first time. Thanks for Tyler and Emily finding this sweet boy to be part of our family.  I know Dakota, Griffin, and Marshall will be the  best big sister and brothers Zeke needs. And Zeke you have one of the best Mommy’s and Daddy’s ever.  And don’t forget you now have all of us that includes strong Uncle’s .crazy Aunts, awesome cousins, and Grandma Trace and Paula, and Grandpa Scott and Mark, What a Mission Blessing!  Now we have “14” Grandkids! Red Letter Day for sure!

Well, I am here watching conference and what an amazing time. How wonderful to see our new Prophet be sustained by all the members of the church around the world. There was such comfort as I watched this prophet with tears in his eyes, except the call to lead and guide all of God’s children.  When I see his face and when he speaks I just feel the Savior’s love for all of us. We are so blessed to have a true Prophet of God to lead his church. I love President Nelson!

Today is Easter!  So Happy Easter my little ones!  I hope you have had lots of Easter Egg Hunts and have gotten all the Easter candy that I really do miss (giggle). Grandma Trace is a little out of practice, I didn’t make Grandpa Scott go on an Easter egg hunt today. (giggle)  I didn’t have any candy to hide, maybe I should of used can goods from the pantry (giggle). Do you remember kids? Most memorable Easter Egg Hunt for the Brown Kids ever!

I miss you all so much.  I am excited to have a crazy, wild Easter Egg Hunt with you next year.  We really are coming home.  We have a flight and I am filling out our shipment for our belongings to go home to Utah.  Do I sound a little trunky (giggle)? I think I always have been.  But I am loving serving the Lord and grateful he has made me hang out with missionaries for the last few years.  How lucky am I! These kids are such valiant servants and they impress me every day. And they are a lot of fun to be with!!

Have a great Easter, get ready for next year….

Mom, Grandma Trace, Traci